Alice Hodgman Stroud

Alice Hodgman Stroud

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Alice C. Hodgman (Julia3, Jane2, John1) graduated from the district school and then attended the Brooklyn Center high school.

On Nov. 29, 1870, she married Byron Orlando Stroud (born Sept. 27, 1847) who was the son of Jacob and Sally Mosely Stroud. B. O. Stroud was a butcher and farmer. For several years they occupied the farm which Mr. Stroud's father had owned. They then built themselves a beautiful home near Mrs. Hodgman's childhood home, where their children grew to manhood and womanhood. Mr. and Mrs. Stroud united with the Presbyterian church in 1874.

Mrs. Stroud is actively engaged in all departments of church work. For many years she has taught the young ladies' class in S. S. She is a leader in the missionary work of the church.


Daisie Adele, b. Mar.10, 1872, d. July 22, 1881.

Berthold E., b. Feb. 4, 1875.

Carl H., b. April 15, 1876.

Winifred J., b. Mar. 1, 1880.

Ivah L., b. July 18, 1884.

Irene, b. July 31, 1886, d. Aug. 3, 1886.

Ruth A., b. Feb. 9, 1888.

All the children were born in Parma.

Daidie Adele Stroud

Daisie Adele Stroud

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Daisie Adele, (Alice4, Julia3, Jane2, John1) eldest child of Alice C. and Byron O. Stroud, was born March 10, 1872, and in very early childhood won the love of a large circle of friends by the beauty and loveliness of her spirit. She possessed a sweetness and gentleness that shed a fragrance like that of the sweetest flower.

Hers was the most tender conscience I have ever known and her spirit the most sensitive to impressions of good. But her sensitiveness made her fearful only lest she should fail in her duty to others.

The following incidents show something of how tender her conscience was: Her mother had told her that she must not loiter on her way home from school. One afternoon she came from school with tears streaming from her eyes and said, "Oh, mamma! I disobeyed you tonight. As I passed Mrs. Macklin's she came out with her baby in her arms. And I stopped to kiss the baby before I thought that I was loitering." The mother quickly dried the tears by telling her little daughter that she did not consider that greeting the baby on the road was violating her command not to loiter.

A few months before Daisie died her mother found her one Sabbath afternoon sobbing bitterly. To the question, "What is the matter, darling?" the reply came, "Oh, mamma! I am such a sinner." Gathering the child in her arms, the mother simply and tenderly told of the Christ who died that her sins might be forgiven.

In July, 1881, scarlet fever entered this happy home. The three younger children were recovering from the dread disease when Daisie was taken with the fever, and after a brief illness her gentle spirit went to God who gave it.

Amy Ford Stroud and son Ford
Ford Emery Stroud
Hodgman-Stroud family group

Berthold Emery Stroud

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Berthold E. (Alice4, Julia3, Jane2, John1) is the elder son of Alice C. and Byron O. Stroud. He was born Feb. 4, 1875. "Bert", as he is generally known, was educated in the district schools of Parma, in Berea high school, and in Berkey & Dyke Businesss College, Cleveland. He secured a position with the Sterling Welch Co., one of the largest carpet and furnishing houses, and for several years had charge of the rug department. In 1912 he resigned this position and, in partnership with his brother, took the general agency for Ohio for the sale of the Domestic vacuum carpet cleaner.

He was married Oct. 14, 1909, to Miss Amy Ford, daughter of James Ford. She was born May 19, 1884, in Pittsburgh, Pa.

Mr. Stroud united with the Parma Presbyterian church in 1891 and has since been actively employed in the work of the church. He resides in Cleveland, Ohio.


Ford Emery, b. April 18, 1911.

Gordon Mosely, b. Aug. 30, 1913.

Carl Hodgman Stroud

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Carl H., (Alice4, Julia3, Jane2, John1) second son of Alice C. and Byron O. Stroud, was born April 15, 1876, in Parma, Ohio. He passed through the district school, graduated fron Berea High school, and through the Berkey & Dyke Business College, Cleveland.

Through his ability and faithfulness he reached the head of his department in the large dry goods house of Wm. Taylor Sons, Cleveland. He gave up this positionin 1912 to take, with his brother, the general agency of Ohio for the sale of the Domestic vacuum carpet cleaner. Carl united with the Parma Presbyterian church in 1891. He has taken his place among the earnest workers of the church, especially in S. S. and Christian Endeavor work. He is unmarried and resides in Cleveland, Ohio.

Winifred J. Stroud

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Winifred Julia (Alice4, Julia3, Jane2, John1) is a daughter of Alice C. and Byron O. Stroud. She was born March 1, 1880. Winifred fitted herself in the district school, Berea high school, and the normal department of Baldwin University, Berea, for her work as a teacher.

At 17 years of age she began to teach. She was employed in the Parma schools 14 years, having taught five years in her second school and eight in her third school. She is now a teacher in the Cleveland schools.

She is a member of the Presbyterian church and is a faithful, earnest teacher in the S. S. and a leader in Christian Endeavor work.

Ivah Lucy Stroud

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Ivah Lucy (Alice4, Julia3, Jane2, John1) received her education in the school near her home, in the Berea high school and in the normal department of Baldwin University. She studied music for several years.

She is a member of the Presbyterian church and is an officer in the S. S. and in the C. E. Society. At present she is the housekeeper and homemaker in her father's family.

Ruth Alice Stroud

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Ruth Alice, (Alice4, Julia3, Jane2, John1) the youngest daughter of Alice C. and Byron O. Stroud, was born Feb. 9, 1888. Having passed through the district school she graduated from the Lincoln high school, Cleveland. She then studied music and painting for three years. She united with the Presbyterian church in her 15th year and is a worker in all branches of church work. She is a sweet singer and is frequently called to sing at concerts and social gatherings. At present she is employed in the office of her brothers in Cleveland.

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