Clarence Charles Hodgman

Clarence Charles Hodgman

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Clarence C. Hodgman, (Julia3, Jane2, John1) the youngest in the family of Robert and Julia Beels Hodgman, is a respected farmer in Parma township. He was born in this township July 31, 1855, and reared here on his father's farm. His father died when Clarence was only 8 years old. He had thus early in life to take a part in the work of carrying on the farm, and at an age when most boys are free from care he was doing a man's work and bearing a man's responsibility.

He has spent his whole life in Parma with the exception of the year 1891, when he resided in Brooklyn village.

All his life he has been engaged in agricultural pursuits and dairying. In political faith he was a republican. He served four years as assessor of the township. He was married December 6, 1877, to Miss Emmet E. Humphries, who was born in Parma Aug. 30, 1855. She is the daughter of Henry and Caroline Day Humphries, who were born in England and married there. They came to Parma in 1850. Mrs. Hodgman united with the Presbyterian in 1874.

Mr. Hodgman is a quiet, unassuming man, respected by all for his integrity and uprightness.

They owned a well improved farm of 75 acres on which they have built a beautiful home and good farm buildings.


Alice Maude, b. in Parma, Jan. 6, 1881.

Harvey Henry, b. in Parma, Feb. 24, 1882.

Elsie Elizabeth, b. in Brooklyn, April 28, 1891.

Clara Caroline James

Alice Maud James

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Alice M. (Clarence4, Julia3, Jane2, John1) was born Jan. 6, 1881. She was prevented by ill health from attending school after she finished in the district school. She is a natural musician and possesses a sweet voice and she has ministered greatly to the pleasure of the home circle by means of these gifts. She is noted for her skill and neatness as a housekeeper. She was married March 26, 1908, to James William James, who was born in Cleveland May 8, 1881. Mr. James is a gardener by occupation. Their home is in Parma. Mr. and Mrs. James are members of the Presbyterian church. Mrs. James is church treasurer and Mr. James church trustee.


Clara Caroline, b. Nov. ___, 1912.

Hodgman-Stroud family group

Harvey Henry Hodgman

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Harvey H. (Clarence4, Julia3, Jane2, John1) was born in Parma, Ohio., Feb. 24, 1882. After leaving school he engaged with his father in farming and dairying, in which pursuits he is still employed. He was married June 28, 1911, to Miss Bertha May Stevens, who was born in Parma Oct. 20, 1884.

Miss Stevens was a successful teacher in the public schools for several years. Mr. and Mrs. Hodgman are members of Parma Presbyterian church.

Elsie Elizabeth Hodgman Stroud

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Elsie E. (Clarence4, Julia3, Jane2, John1) was born in Brooklyn village, Ohio, April 28, 1891, during the year her father's family resided there. Elsie finished the course in the Parma district schools, and spent two years in the grammar schools of Cleveland. She entered Lincoln high school, but during her second year the sickness of her father compelled her to withdraw from school. She united with the Presbyterian church in her early girlhood. Elsie was the housekeeper in her father's household for a time. On July 24, 1913, she became the wife of William Stroud, who has taken her to his home in the adjoining township of Middleburgh.

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