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Julia Ann (Jane2, John1) was married Sept. 16, 1845, to Robert Hodgman, who was born in Bowdoine, Lincoln Co., Me., May 20, 1810. He was the son of Amos and Thankful Small Hodgman and came with his parents to Parma, Ohio, in 1821. He was a farmerand was respected and loved by the entire community.

We copy an obituary of Mrs. Julia A. Hodgman, printed in the Berea Advertiser of July 5, 1901. It portrays her life and character most fittingly.


Robert Henry, b. July 10, 1846, d. July 23, 1849.

Roderick Nelson, b. Oct. 13, 1848.

Alice Cecilia, b. April 11, 1850.

Kendrick Kane, b. April 26, 1852.

Robert Reuben, b. April 5, 1854, d. Oct 3, 1854.

Clarence Charles, b. July 13, 1855.

Lucy A. Stroud Ward - foster daughter. b. Dec. 25, 1838.

All the children were born in the old home in Parma.

One week in July, 1849, was ever remembered by Mr. and Mrs. Hodgman as the saddest week of their lives. During that week his mother, his son Robert, sister Thankful, sister Mrs. Minda Emerson, niece Emily Hodgman and brother-in-law, Benejah Fay, all died of cholera. When the father and mother arose in the morning their little son was well. When the sun set that night his little body was buried in the cemetery near them.

Roderick Nelson Hodgman

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Roderick Nelson Hodgman

Roderick N. (Julia3, Jane2, John1) was a healthy, active boy until he was 6 1/2 years old. He was then taken with inflammatory rheumatism from which he suffered for a year. He was then well and active until nearly 9 years of age when he was again taken with the inflammatory rheumatism and suffered greatly for three years, being unable to move or turn himself in bed during that time. The disease left him deformed and dwarfed in body, as he did not grow after he was 12 years old, and so crippled that he has walked on crutches ever since. His early education began under the instruction of his mother. When he was 6 years old he had read the New Testament aloud to her. He attended district school and then the high school at Brooklyn Center. He began teaching April 1, 1867. His first school was in Royalton. He was engaged in teaching until April, 1890. He spent two years in the school at Berea depot, and a year in Brooklyn township. The remainder of the time he taught in the schools of Parma. He taught again 1902-03. When not employed in the public schools he has rarely been without two or three pupils from among his young friends who came to him for help in their high school work.

He completed a course in the Spencerian Business College of Cleveland in 1869. Under the direction of Amos Denison and Anson W. Beman of Cleveland he studied law and was admitted April 21, 1876, to practice as an attorney and counsellor at law. But want of physical strength prevented his carrying out the dream of his boyhood -- the practice of law. In January, 1867, he united with the Parma Congregational church. In 1874 this church changed to Presbyterian. He was ever active in the work of the church and held office in the church nearly all of time. During the later years of his life he was a ruling elder.

When 19 years old he was appointed a teacher in the S. S. and was never without a class from that time. He was superintendent of the S.S. for 20 years. In addition to his work in his church school, from 1871 to 1887, he superintended and taught in a S.S. which met in the afternoon in one of the school houses. From 1899 until the present time he has taught regularly on Sunday p.m. in a school in Brooklyn township.

He served one term as township clerk and was justice of the peace for one term.

Lucy A. Stroud Ward

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Lucy Ann Hodgman, (Julia3, Jane2, John1) foster daughter of Robert and Julia A. Hodgman, is a niece of Mr. Hodgman's. She was born in Parma, Ohio, Dec. 25, 1838. At 11 years of age she was left an orphan. Mr. and Mrs. Hodgman reared her as their own daughter and we think she is worthy of a place in the family history.

She was married to Jacob Stroud on Dec. 25, 1855, and assumed the place of mother to his two young boys. Two children were born to Mr. and Mrs. Stroud, Sally, who died at three years of age, and Robert Harvey, born March 6, 1860. Harvey suffered all his life from curvature of the spine. He died April 1, 1898. Jacob Stroud died Oct. 6, 1862.

Mrs. Stroud was married to Daniel W. Ward April 6, 1864. They soon went to live on the farm cleared by Abner S. Beels in the eastern part of Parma. A daughter, Nellie, was born to them in December, 1865. She married Henry J. Schaaf and has two children, Ruby, born May 5, ____, and Ward, born May 1, 1893.

Daniel W. Ward died July 7, 1890.

Ruby married Edgar Thomas of Royalton, Ohio, and has two sons, Glenn Edgar, aged 4 years, and Henry, who is one year old.

Mrs. Lucy A. Ward, her daughter Nellie, and granddaughter, Ruby Thomas, with their families live in the old home. Their husbands are engaged in farming and dairying.

Mrs. Ward united with the Parma Presbyterian church in 1893. She is of a sunny, happy disposition, and is a welcome guest wherever she goes.

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