Julia M. Beels Broadbent

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Julia Minnie (Abner3, Jane2, John1) was born in Sheboygan Co., Wis., April 26, 1860. When she was a year old her father's family removed to the vicinity of Cleveland, Ohio, and remained there till September, 1868. The family then made the long journey from Cleveland to Hazelton, Iowa, in covered wagons, and later they went to Sumner, Bremer Co., Iowa.

On June 2, 1878, Julia was married to Luther D. Broadbent, who was born Nov. 24, 1851. Mr. Broadbent is a farmer. For ten years they lived on a farm in Bremer Co., Iowa. In 1888 they went to Nebraska, taking with them stock enough to exchange for a farm. The great blizzard destroyed much of their stock. They remained in Plainview, Antelope Co., Neb., for four years and then moved to Bloomfield, Knox Co., Neb. Three years of drought here resulted in the loss of nearly all of their property. A year was spent on a farm in Missouri. They lived a year at Mustang, Okla. They then purchased a farm at Butler, Custer Co., Okla., where they now reside. But sickness, drought, scorching winds and other disasters have followed them in quick succession during their residence there.

Mrs. Broadbent is a member of the Baptist church. She is the mother of 16 children, 13 of whom are still living. Her life has been full of toil and hardship.


Lydia Jane, b. Aug. 23, 1879, b. May 22, 1903.

Fred, b. Aug. 5, 1880.

Hayes, b. Nov. 26, 1882.

Maud, b. Mar. 27, 1884.

Olonzo, b. April 6, 1885.

Asenath, b. May 6, 1887.

Elsie, b. Mar. 19, 1889, d. Aug. 8, 1889.

Hattie, b. Jun. 23, 1890.

Russel, b. Oct. 21, 1891.

Edward, b. April 29, 1893.

Cynthia, b. April 29, 1895.

Glenn O., b. May 11, 1897.

Alma, b. Aug. 1, 1899, d. Aug. 3, 1899.

Nancy Pearl, b. June 3, 1901.

Ray William, b. Nov. 10, 1902.

Ralph D., b. Jan. 10, 1905.

The first six children were born in Bremer Co., Iowa. The next three in Plainview, Neb. Edward, Cynthia and Glenn were born in Bloomfield, Neb. Nancy, Ray and Ralph were born in Butler, Okla.

Soon after their arrival in Oklahoma, Edward, then six years old, found a cap used with dynamite cartridges. He pounded it and it exploded, putting out both his eyes. His parents sent him to the Asylum for the Blind at Guthrie, where he is gaining an education and learning a trade.

Lydia J. Broadbent Jones

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Lydia Jane (Julia4, Abner3, Jane2, John1) was born in Bremer Co., Iowa, Aug. 23, 1879. When she was 10 years old her father removed to Nebraska. She and her brother Fred were to graduate in a few weeks from high school at Bloomfield, Neb., when the sickness of their father compelled them to leave school, Fred to take charge of the farm and Lydia to teach school, that she might help care for the family. She remained in Nebraska teaching two years after the family left for Oklahoma. She rejoined her father's family at Butler, Okla. She was married May 18, 1902, to Lorenzo Dow Jones, who took her to his farm twenty miles away. A little girl was born to them May 16, 1903. When the baby was but a few days old a cyclone struck their home. The nurse reached the cyclone cellar with the baby. The husband attempted to carry the mother to this safe retreat. But the storm struck the house before he could get out.

The house was overturned and wrecked. When the husband regained consciousness he found himself lying on the ground some distance away. Returning to the ruins of his home he at length found the dead body of his wife. Her last words had been, "Lay me down; God will take care of me." We believe he had cared for her by taking her to be forever with the Lord, whom she loved. Her beautiful, unselfish life on earth ended May 22, 1903.


Edith May, b. May 16, 1903.

Fred Broadbent

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Fred (Julia4, Abner3, Jane2, John1) is the eldest son of Julia and Luther Broadbent. He was born Aug. 5, 1880, in Bremer Co., Iowa. In 1888 his father's family moved to Plainview, Neb., and four years later to Bloomfield, Neb. He was nearly ready to graduate from the high school in Bloomfield when the sickness of his father compelled him to leave school and carry on the work on the farm. He accompanied his father's family to Butler, Okla., in 1899. He was married in Sept. 1908, to Miss Lulu Burt. The marriage proved an unhappy one and in a year they separated. He spent a few months in Montana herding sheep. He is now located in Kansas City and is engaged in concrete building work.

Hayes Broadbent

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Hayes (Julia4, Abner3, Jane2, John1) is a son of Julia and Luther Broadbent and was born Nov. 26, 1882, in Bremer Co., Iowa. When he was 6 years old his father removed to Plainview, Neb. and four years later to Bloomfield, Neb. Here he attended school and worked on the farm until 1899 when the family sought a new home in Butler, Okla. He shared the labors and hardships of the family unitl 1904.

On Sept. 14, 1904, he was married to Miss May Cochran. He purchased land of his father near home, where he is now engaged in farming.


Hazel Jane, b. Sept. 4, 1905.

William Edward, b. Mar. 3, 1907.

Grace Alice, b. Oct. 6, 1908, d. Feb. 16, 1909.

Ella Leah, b. Mar. 16, 1911.

Maud Broadbent Jones

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Maud (Julia4, Abner3, Jane2, John1) is the fourth of the children of Julia and Luther Broadbent. She had her birth in Bremer Co., Iowa, March 27, 1884. When she was about 5 years old her father removed to Nebraska. In Plainview and Bloomfield in that state her childhood was spent amid the hardships of pioneer life in that newly settled state. In 1899 the family removed to the recently opened reservations in Oklahoma. She was married June 1, 1905, to Lorenzo Dow Jones, who was the husband of her deceased sister, Lydia. Their home is in Grow, Okla., where they are engaged in farming.

Mr. and Mrs. Jones are members of the church of Friends (Quaker) and are earnest, consecrated Christians.


Lorenzo Garfield, b. May 4, 1906, d. June 6, 1910.

Thomas Ernest, b. July 12, 1907.

Clara Margaret, b. June 7, 1909, d. Nov. 25, 1909.

Wilbur Charles, b. Aug. 24, 1910.

Louis Milton, b. June 12, 1912.

Olonzo Broadbent

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Olonzo, (Julia4, Abner3, Jane2, John1) son of Julia and Luther Broadbent, was born in Sumner, Bremer Co., Iowa, April 6, 1885. In 1888 the family removed to Nebraska, where in Plainview and Bloomfield, the years were spent till 1899. The family then removed to Butler, Okla. When he became of age Olonzo took up a homestead northwest of Butler, Okla., where he is engaged in farming. He is unmarried.

Asenath Broadbent

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Asenath Broadbent, (Julia4, Abner3, Jane2, John1) third daughter of Julia and Luther Broadbent, was born May 6, 1887, in Sumner, Bremer Co., Iowa. She followed the fortunes of the family through Nebraska to Oklahoma, where she now resides with her parents. She is engaged in teaching. She is a member of the Presbyterian church.

Hattie Broadbent

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Hattie, (Julia4, Abner3, Jane2, John1) fifth daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Luther Broadbent, was born June 23, 1890, in Plainview, Neb. In 1899 she accompanied her parents to Butler, Okla. Here she patiently prepared herself for teaching and is now teaching school. She is a member of the Baptist church. She is unmarried.

Russell Broadbent

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Russell, (Julia4, Abner3, Jane2, John1) the ninth of the children of Julia and Luther Broadbent, had his birth Oct. 21, 1891, in Plainview, Neb. He is a farmer and is working with his father on the farm at Butler, Okla.

Edward Broadbent

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Edward Broadbent, (Julia4, Abner3, Jane2, John1) son of Mr. and Mrs. Luther Broadbent, was born in Bloomfield, Neb., April 29, 1893. On March 29, 1899, a few days after the family reached Butler, Okla., the boy found a dynamite cartridge that had been dropped by some well diggers. The cartridge exploded and both Edward's eyes were destroyed. He is now at Austin, Tex., in a school for the blind, where he is preparing himself for the coming years of blindness. He is patient, cheerful and brave. He is a member of the Presbyterian church.

Cynthia Broadbent Scott

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Cynthia, (Julia4, Abner3, Jane2, John1) eleventh child of Julia and Luther Broadbent, was born April 29, 1895, in Bloomfield, Neb. She attended school in Butler, Okla., and nearly prepared to teach when she decided on a school with one pupil. She was married Nov. 29, 1912, to Mitchell Scott. He is a barber by occupation. Their home is in Butler, Okla.

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