Lovenia Beels Walker

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Lovenia M. Beels (Alonzo3, Jane2, John1) daughter of Alonzo and Hannah Beels, was born in Sheboygan, Wis., Aug. 31, 1849. She was the only survivor of five of her father's children who had the diphtheria during November, 1860. Her life was happily spent in Sheboygan until 1869, when her father removed to Iowa. She was married to Daniel A. Walker, at Independence, Iowa, on Feb. 12, 1870. She suffered much from sickness, being an invalid for several years. She died at Jessup, Iowa, Oct. 31, 1892. Her husband deserted his family several years before this.


Charles O., b. Jan. 26, 1871.

Loretta M., b. Mar. 9, 1873.

Leon L., b. Sept. 1875.

Belle M., b. May, 1877.

Irwin, b. June 15, 1880.

Edwin, b. June 15, 1880.

Charles O. Walker

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Charles O. Walker, (Lovenia4, Alonzo3, Jane2, John1) eldest son of Lovenia Beels Walker, writes this brief sketch of his history:

I was born near Independence, Iowa, Jan. 26th, 1871. I am of the opinion that you do not care for the particulars of our moving from place to place during my childhood for we moved a number of timesI graduated in the normal course at Waterloo Collegiate Institute and Business College, and attended two terms at Cornell College, Mt. Vernon, Iowa.

I taught school two terms in the time between my terms at Cornell College.

I came to South Dakota and entered the ministry of the M. E. church in the spring of 1892. My first charge was at Aurora. I was admitted on trial in South Dakota Conference in 1893, but owing to ill-health I did not complete my conference studies till 1903. I was compelled by nervous prostration to give up my work for four months in 1904, and in 1905, my poor health made it necessary for me to retire from the ministry.

I served the following charges: Aurora, Elkton, Gary, Big Stone City, Garden City, Henry, Hazel, Langford and Claremont. My longest pastorate was at Gary, where we remained three years.

On October 10, 1893, I was married to Miss Ella Ada Walradth, and took my bride to Gary soon after entering upon my pastorate there.

In the fall of 1905 I entered the newspaper field and founded the Claremont Recorder which I published until June, 1909. I then sold the Claremont Recorder and purchased The White Leader, of White, S. Dak., which I am still publishing in 1912.

I am looking for a new field in the rapidly developing state of Washington and expect to move there soon.

I was justice of the peace for two years in Claremont. Aside from this I never held office.


John Vincent, b. July 16, 1895, d. Oct.14, 1895.

Ruby Alma, b. Dec. 16, 1899.

Ardis Lucile, b. Mar. 2, 1906, d. July 4, 1906.

Loretta May Walker

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Loretta M. (Lovenia4, Alonzo3, Jane2, John1) was born on Mar. 9, 1873, at Independence, Iowa. Her home has been with her grandmother Walker in Jessup, Iowa, for many years. She was a teacher in the high school for some time. At present she teaches in Marble Rock, Iowa. She is unmarried.

Leon Leonardson Walker

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Leon L. Walker, (Lovenia4, Alonzo3, Jane2, John1) son of Lovenia and Daniel Walker, was born at Independence, Iowa, Sept. 2, 1874. Then for a time his parents lived in McGregor, Iowa. When Leon was seven years old he spent a year in Ohio with the family of Daniel W. Ward, on the farm which was the boyhood home of his grandfather Beels. He attended school in Jessup and Independence, Iowa. After the death of his mother he spent four years with his grandmother, Mrs. Mary A. Walker, in Hazelton, Iowa. He worked on farms near his home until 1895, when he drove a team from Sioux City, Iowa, to Condo, N. Dak., where he worked on a farm until 1899.

On Jan. 26, 1900, he went to Gary, S. Dak., to his brother Irwin. Here he met Miss Alma Ethel Faith Wood, to whom he was married Jan. 6, 1901. Miss Wood was born May 5, 1878, at Reedsburg, Sauk Co., Wis.

After going to Gary, S. Dak., Mr. Walker learned painting and paper hanging and is a skilled workman in those trades. He has for ten years owned a one-half interest in a large steam threshing outfit at Minnesota, Minn., and is engaged in threshing during the season for threshing.

At present he is in charge of the engine at the State School for the Blind, which is located at Gary.

Mr. Walker is an officer in the Masonic Order. For several years he was an active worker in the I.O.G.T., and held office in that order. He is a musician, being member of a band, and singing in a male quartette.


Erma Meora, b. Dec. 25, 1906.

Mary Belle Walker Heimindinger

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Mary Belle Walker (Lovenia4, Alonzo3, Jane2, John1) was born in Independence, Iowa, July 18, 1876. Her family changed residence often, so that her youthful days were spent in several Iowa villages. She attended school in Jessup and Waterloo, Iowa. Her mother died in 1892 at Jessup. The next year Mary Belle went to Chicago to live. She was married in 1895 to Edward Norcross, by whom she had two sons. Mr. Norcross was so intemperate that she was obliged to secure a divorce from him.

In 1901 she was again married to Harry M. Heimindinger. They soon removed to Butte, Mont., where they now reside. Mr. Heimindinger is engaged in the mining business, being the secretary of a mining company. Mrs. Heimindinger united with the M.E. church when a girl. She has no children by her second marriage. Her son, Carlton, is a member of the Presbyterian church in Butte, and he attends high school.


Carlton Vivian Norcross, b. Mar. 22, 1896.

Harold W., b. Dec. 18, 1897, d. July 29, 1898.

Irwin Alonzo Walker

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Irwin Alonzo Walker (Lovenia4, Alonzo3, Jane2, John1) was born June 13, 1879, in McGregor, Iowa. He had a twin brother, Edwin Horatio. After the death of his mother, in 1892, Irwin was placed in the care of a family near his home. But his foster home did not prove a happy one and in 1895 he went to live with his brother, Charles, in Gary, S. Dak., where he attended school. When Charles left Gary, Irwin made his home with the family of Mr. N. P. Wood, and remained with them six years. He learned the barber's trade in Gary, and later worked at this trade in Henry, Hazel, Bristol and Newark, S. Dak. He was married to Miss Mae Tennes, in Bristol, June 7, 1907. On May 1, 1910, he went to Lemon, S. Dak. He was engaged in business there until December when he was taken with typhoid fever. He returned to his home in Bristol where he died Feb. 6, 1911. His widow is now Mrs. I. O'Conner of Elkton, S. Dak.

Mr. Walker was an active worker in the I.O.G.T. for a number of years.


Irwin Alonzo, b. Mar. 28, 1908.

Edwin Horatio Walker

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Edwin Horatio Walker, (Lovenia4, Alonzo3, Jane2, John1) twin brother of Irwin Alonzo Walker, Sr., was born at McGregor, Iowa, June 13, 1879. When he was 8 years old his father deserted the family. As the mother was in feeble health, and the family in straitened circumstances, some of the children had to find homes elsewhere. Edwin was adopted by a family near Independence, Iowa, and lived with them on a farm till he was 20 years old. He attended school 8 years in Independence. When he was 20 years old he went to Waterton, S. Dak., where he worked on a farm for 3 years and attended school two winters. He then went to Beresford, S. Dak., where he still resides.(1913) He is employed in a wholesale commission house engaged in the sale of butter, eggs, and poultry.

He was married Nov. 4, 1903, to Miss Lydia E. McQuigg, who was born in Nebraska, March 8, 1885.

Mr. Walker is a member of the "M. W. of O." and the "B. A. Y."


Lola Mary, b. June 15, 1904, d. Feb, 7, 1908.

Edwin John, b. June 12, 1906.

Lola Isabella, b. Nov. 5, 1908.

Robert Leon, b. Feb. 20, 1911.

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