Adeline Miranda Engle Lawrence

Adeline Miranda Engle Lawrence

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Adeline Miranda Engle (Margaret2, John1) was born in Royalton, Ohio, October 6, 1822. Her early training in a pioneer home made her energetic and self-reliant. She taught district school for a few years in Royalton and Middleburgh townships. In those days teachers were paid from 50 cents to one dollar per week salary, and "boarded around" among the parents of their pupils, boarding three days for each pupil sent from the family. She taught last in the Berea depot school in 1861.

She then took up tailoring and was employed for several years in the tailor shop of Mr. Quayle of Berea. At the time when Dr. William Clark was treating cancer in Berea she boarded and nursed many of his patients. She married Joel Lawrence of Berea in _____. He died January 13, 1874. After his death she continued her work as a tailoress until 1898. Miss Addie Lawrence, a grand-daughter of Joel Lawrence, and who had been reared by Adeline Lawrence, was married in 1898 and from that time Mrs. Lawrence made her home with her. They resided in Cleveland most of the time after 1898. Mrs. Lawrence died in the City Hospital, Cleveland, March 11, 1907. Her body was interred in Royalton cemetery.

She had no children.

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