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b. Mar. 22, 1793, in Blackhole Valley, Pennsylvania.
d. Feb. 19, 1868, Auburn, Indiana.

Christopher Gould Shepherd (Christopher2, John1) was born Mar. 22, 1793, in Blackhole Valley, Pa. Not long after his birth the family removed to Laurel Sock, Northumberland County, Pa., where they lived until 1805. In that year they moved to Canandaigua, N. Y. He grew to manhood in Canandaigua. He and his brothers visited their father in Royalton, Ohio, about 1818. They did not like Royalton and so journeyed westward. Their father and sister heard nothing from them from that time until 1845, when they learned through a stranger that they were living in southern Indiana. Christopher lived somewhere in southern Ohio for several years. He was a member of the Ohio State Militia. On July 10, 1828, Gov. Allen Trimble appointed him Ensign of the 8th Company, 2nd Regiment, 1st Brigade, 1st Division.

On March 7, 1829, Gov. Trimble appointed him lieutenant. In 1832 Gov. Duncan McArthur gave him a commission as captain.

When he left Ohio and went to Indiana we cannot learn, but the deed of the farm which he purchased there is dated in 1836. This farm of 60 acres he purchased for $100. It is situated in Jackson township, Shelby County, Ind. He lived on this farm until the time of his death. He was married Dec. 25, 1819, to Miss Almina Wakefield. To this union was born Caroline R. Shepherd, Sept. 21, 1820. She was an invalid, being subject to epileptic fits, and died unmarried, Nov. 13, 1842.

Mr. and Mrs. Shepherd adopted a girl, Mary Elnora Ostermier, who was born July 28, 1848. She married Samuel Wilson. Mrs. Wilson died Jan. 29, 1902, and her husband died a few weeks later. Mr. and Mrs. Wilson left a daughter who married L. N. Record, a dealer in coal, wood and feed, in Edinburgh, Ind. To Mr. Record we are indebted for much of this history of Mr. Shepherd.

Mr. and Mrs. Shepherd were active members of the M. E. church. Mr. Shepherd died Feb. 19, 1868. His wife, Almina, died July 3, 1873. They are buried in the cemetery at Auburn, Ind.

A big thank you to Ricky Childers for finding the grave of another member of Christopher Shepherd's family.

"Hello! I am descended from James Shepherd, so Christopher is an uncle. I live in Indiana and recently cleaned Christopher, his wife, and his 2 daughters' graves. I found a grave in the same cemetery for a Manervy M. Shepherd (1839-1847). There are no other Shepherds in this cemetery. I found a census record from 1840 that shows Christopher, his wife, a young female that fits Caroline's age, and a female child that was 0-5 years old. Mary (the adopted daughter) was born in 1848. I cannot find any information about this Manervy or if Christopher and his wife had a child after Caroline and before adopting Mary."

1840 census for Shelby, Indiana

Then a few weeks later: "This is the link to the grave of Manervy Shepherd who is in the same cemetery as Christopher and his family."

Find a Grave info for Manervy

What a great find! Thanks Ricky!

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