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b. 1803, Laurel Sock, Pennsylvania
d. 1853 or 1854, Cleveland, Ohio

Isabelle (Isabelle2, John1) was next to the youngest of the children of John Shepherd. She was born in Laurel Sock, Pa., in 1803. When she was three years old the family moved to Canandaigua, N.Y. Here she grew to womanhood. She did not accompany her father and her sister, Margaret Engle, when they sought a home in the forests of Royalton, Ohio, but she and her sisters Rebecca and Sarah joined their father a few years later -- about 1820. Isabelle was married at Royalton, but we cannot learn the name of her husband. One child was born to them, a girl, whom they named Elizabeth.

Isabelle's husband died and she married Sam Porter, in Cleveland. Two or three children were born to them, but the children died at an early age.

Mr. and Mrs. Porter lived in Cleveland for several years. Their home was on Erie Street, where Mrs. Porter died in 1853 or 1854. Her body was buried in the Erie Street Cemetery.

Her daughter, Elizabeth, married Ralph Wright, a molder by trade. He worked in the Cuyahoga Furnace for several years. One daughter, Ruth, and two sons were born to Mr. and Mrs. Wright. The family moved to Detroit, Mich., and here we lose all trace of them.

Rumor says that one son married an actress and that he was shot and died.

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