Emily Engle Randall Delong

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Emily Engle (Margaret2, John1) was the daughter of Margaret and Robert Engle. She was born in Royalton, Ohio, February 20, 1820. There were only a few families in Royalton at that time. Her father's family, which came to Royalton four years before her birth, was the first to settle in the township. School and church privileges were rare. She shared in the hardships and privations of those pioneer days.

We have been unable to learn the dates of her marriages, or of the death of her husbands. From her union with a Mr. Hayward she had one child. The date of her marriage with Tristian Randall we could not learn.

Her sons, William Henry Hayward and James Randall, both enlisted at the breaking out of the Civil War. Mrs. Randall herself enlisted as a nurse. She was stationed at Wheeling, W. Va., for several months. She was then transferred to Cumberland Hospital, Nashville, Tenn., and was matron of this hospital until the close of the war. On Thanksgiving day 1871 she was married to Parvin Delong. For some time they had charge of the California Hotel on Pearl Street, Cleveland, Ohio. They then moved to a farm in Copley, Ohio, where Mrs. Delong died on March 26, 1893.


William Henry, b. Mar. 12, 1842, d. 1869.

Delilah, b. Apr. 10, 1846.

James A., b. Nov. 8, 1848.

William Henry Hayward

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William Henry (Emily3, Margaret2, John1) was born in Royalton, Ohio, March 12, 1842. His boyhood was spent in Royalton. When Lincoln issued his call for three month volunteers at the commencement of the Civil War William Hayward at once enlisted. At the expiration of the three months he re-enlisted for the war in Co. A, 1st Regt., O.V.I. He was married to Miss Ellen DeSee in 1864. He died in 1869 on a farm which he had recently purchased in northern Indiana.


Willis Hayward

Willis Hayward

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Willis Hayward (William4, Emily3, Margaret2, John1) was the son of William H. and Ellen Hayward. After the death of his father he went to live with his grandmother, Mrs. Emily Delong. After his marriage he went to Three Rivers, Mich., to reside. His mother had remarried and was living at Three Rivers. Nothing has been heard from Willis since 1895.

Delilah Randall Crankshaw

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Delilah (Emily3, Margaret2, John1) was the daughter of Emily Engle and Tristian Randall. She was born at the old Engle homestead in Royalton, Ohio, April 10, 1846. Her youthful days were spent in Royalton. She was married January 1, 1866, to David Crankshaw who was born April 17, 1839, in Brighton, N.J.

They went to Akron, Ohio to reside. From 1870 to 1884 their home was in Alliance, Ohio. They then returned to Akron. Mr. Crankshaw was a railroad employee. He died in January, 1906.

Mrs. Crankshaw is a member of the Christian or Disciple church. Since the death of her husband she has resided with her daughter, Cora Chandler. At present her home is in Akron.


Sarah Bradford, b. Jan. 16,1867.

Emily Abigail, b. June 6, 1869.

Cora Belle, b. Sept. 3, 1871.

Sarah Bradford Crankshaw Gauchat

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Sarah Bradford Crankshaw (Delilah4, Emily3, Margaret2, John1) was the oldest child of Delilah and David Crankshaw and was born in Akron, Ohio, January 16, 1867. She was educated in the schools of Alliance, Ohio, where her parents resided, from 1870 to 1884.

On her return to Akron, Ohio, she became a clerk in a dry goods store there. She was married August 5, 1891, to Wm. Frederick Daniel Gauchat. Their home is in Canton, Ohio. Mrs. Gauchat is a member of Trinity Reform church.


Harry Wallace, b. May 5, 1892.

Paul Crankshaw, b. July 23, 1893.

Harry Wallace Gauchat is a student at Mt. Union College, now in his third year. (1913).

Paul C. Gauchat graduated from Canton High School in 1911. He is now a student at Ohio Medical School, Columbus, Ohio. (1913).

Emily Abigail Crankshaw Teeple

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Emily Abigail (Delilah4, Emily3, Margaret2, John1) was the daughter of Delilah and David Crankshaw. She was born in Akron, Ohio, June 6, 1869. When she was a year old her parents moved to Alliance, Ohio, where they resided until 1884. They returned to Akron. She graduated from the Akron high-school, June 24, 1889. She taught one year in the district schools of Copley and New Portage. She then taught five years in the schools at Akron. She was married June 26, 1895, to Oliver Perry Teeple of Akron. They at once took up their residence in Barberton, Ohio, where they still reside.

Mr. and Mrs. Teeple united with the First Church of Christ in Akron in 1886 during a revival there. They remained active members of this church until 1896 when they transferred their membership to the Christian Church of Barberton.

Mr. Teeple is a superintendent in the employ of the Barberton Match Company.


Chester David, B. April 25, 1896.

Kathryn Susan, b. Dec. 2, 1904.

Chester D. Teeple is a member of M. E. Church of Barberton, and is attending the high school.

Kathryn Susan Teeple is attending the schools of Barberton.

Cora Belle Crankshaw Chandler

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Cora Belle, (Delilah4, Emily3, Margaret2, John1) youngest daughter of Delilah and David Crankshaw, was born in Alliance, Ohio, September 3, 1871. She attended school in Alliance until her parents removed to Akron in 1884. She was married in 1894 to Edwin Chandler. Her home is in Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio. Mrs. Chandler has no children.

James A. Randall

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James A. Randall (Emily3, Margaret2, John1) was born in Royalton, Ohio, November 8, 1848. He attended district school in Royalton. He enlisted in 1863 in Co. F, 128th Regt., O.V.I. His regiment served for a time in Kentucky and in Tennessee. They were at Camp Denison, Ohio, for a time and were then stationed at Johnson's Island, near Sandusky, to guard rebel prisoners there. In 1865, at the close of the Civil War, he was honorably discharged.

He studied at Baldwin University, Berea, Ohio, for a time. He was employed nearly two years in the Berea stone quarries cutting grindstones. He entered the employ of the L. S. & M. S. Ry. Co. He served as brakeman and freight conductor twelve years. He was then promoted to the position of passenger conductor. He has held that position for 33 years and now has charge of the fastest train on the road. His run is from Toledo to Buffalo.

Mr. Randall was married September 7, 1874, to Miss Ida L. Douglas of Cleveland. Their home was in Cleveland for several years. They then moved to Toledo, Ohio, where Mr. Randall still resides. Mrs. Randall died December 1, 1910.

Mr. Randall is a member of the following organizations: Order of Railway Conductors, Toledo Commerce Club, Maumee Yacht Club, Toledo Transportation Club.


Anna B., b. Mar. 4, 1880, d. aged 9 years.

Mabelle Blanche, b. April 28, 1882.

Mabelle Blanche Randall Eagan

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Mabelle Blanche (James4, Emily3, Margaret2, John1) was born in Cleveland, Ohio, April 28, 1882. Her parents moved to Toledo, Ohio, and she was educated in the schools of that city. In 1907 she married H. M. Eagen of Cleveland. He is engaged in the furniture business and their home is at 1906 E. 105th Street, Cleveland. They had no children in 1912.

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