Maude B. Lane and children

Maude Alice Burroughs Lane

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Maude Alice (George3, Rebecca2, John1) was the ninth of the children of George W. and Delilah R. Burroughs. Her birth was in Lafayette, Ind., and the date July 1, 1869. She was educated in the public schools of Lafayette and in Purdue University of that city.

She was baptized and united with the First Baptist Church Mar. 9, 1889.

On Mar. 7, 1893, she became the wife of Henry Marquette Lane, of Oak Park, Ill. He was a mechanical and mining engineer. In the fall of 1895 they moved from Lafayette to Deer Lodge, Mont., and a year later they went to Pullman, Wash. In both of these places Mr. Lane was Professor of Mechanical and Mining Engineering in colleges located there.

From Pullman they went to Scranton, Pa., where for five years Mr. Lane was at the head of the Department of Mechanical and Mining Engineering in the International Correspondence School situated there. They came to Cleveland, Ohio, in February, 1903, where for a time Mr. Lane edited "The Foundry."

In a short time the family took up residence in Lakewood, a suburb of Cleveland. Mrs. Lane and her children still reside there (1913). Mr. Lane deserted his family in 1909, leaving to Mrs. Lane the task of bringing up their three children. Bravely has she met her duty. She is a devoted, loving mother, an earnest Christian woman, thoughtful in her consideration of the interests of others; faithful in the performance of duty; cheerful and helpful in her intercourse with all whom she meets.


Julia Elizabeth, b. June 1, 1895.

Samuel Alanson, b. April 2, 1897.

Marquette Burroughs, b. Jan. 20, 1900.

Julia Elizabeth Lane

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Julia Elizabeth (Maude4, George3, Rebecca2, John1) is the oldest child of Maude A. Burroughs and Henry M. Lane. She was born June 1, 1895, in Lafayette, Ind. Her early years were spent in Deer Lodge, Mont., and Pullman, Wash. From 1898 to 1903 her home was in Scranton, Pa. Since 1903 she has resided in Cleveland, Ohio, and in Lakewood, a suburb of Cleveland. She attended the public schools in Scranton, Pa. and Cleveland. She graduated from Lakewood High School in June, 1913. She united with the Trinity Congregational Church, Cleveland, in the spring of 1904.

Samuel Alanson Lane

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Samuel Alanson, (Maude4, George3, Rebecca2, John1) son of Maude A. Burroughs and Henry M. Lane, was born April 2, 1897, in Pullman, Wash. Five years of his childhood were spent in Scranton, Pa. He attended public school in Cleveland, and later in Lakewood. He is now a student in the Lakewood High School. He is a member of the Lakewood Presbyterian Church.

Marquette Burroughs Lane

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Marquette B. Lane, (Maude4, George3, Rebecca2, John1) youngest child of Maude Burroughs and Henry M. Lane, began his earthly career in Scranton, Pa., on Jan. 20, 1900. When three years old he migrated to Cleveland, Ohio, but soon took up his abode in Lakewood, a beautiful suburb of Cleveland. He attends the public school. He united with the Lakewood Presbyterian Church in April, 1912.

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